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Order your Foot Peeling Mask
  • Foot peeling mask designed with smoothing and moisturizing ingredients
  • ​This peeling mask for the feet is composed of various botanical extracts
  • Natural extracts and plants penetrate gently but safely
  • Moisturize the skin of your feet, say goodbye to your hard skin 
  • ​There is no pain in this skin renewal process
  • ​​Simply apply the peeling mask and leave it to soak for about 50 to 90 minutes
" First time to try this mask, the shipping is quick, unbelievable. Tried one, feels great, after 60mins, it’s like the magic, all the foot cracks is gone, and skin feel very smooth, will try an other one this weekend." 
 Joanie S
 " This was amazing, I can’t believe the way this peeled the dead skin off the bottom of my foot, it peeled a few days after I used product. The only thing is the product gave my ankle a rash, next time I use it I won’t place above feet." 
Anna M

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